What turns on a Software Engineer?

MVC Hero LogoOther than the obvious beer and curry, engineers usually get a buzz when something works. They get a bigger buzz if it’s particularly useful and could be used by others. This happened to me when I was building a complex web page. I decided to spilt it down into simpler parts; divide and conquer with each part of the page having its own data. Sounds like a good idea!

All went well for the read-only elements, but the parts of the forms that needed to be saved just didn’t work. Having found an elegant solution to the problem I thought I would write an article and share it with the rest of the development community.

The article, published on Code Project, ASP.NET MVC Partial Views with Partial Models, outlines how to solve the problem of posting back data from Partial Views by taking the example of a company address where part of its content is the postal address. The postal address, when implemented as a partial view, can then be re-used in other pages such as a sales address. Once this problem is solved large pages can become more manageable.

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