Cambridge Software Engineering is based in the technology heart of the UK. Established in 2014, our members bring with them a wealth of experience in software engineering and customer service. Our team has commercial experience taken from a variety of sectors, what we share is a passion for technology and a commitment to customer service.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Listen to Customer needs.
  • Use industry standard tools and technologies to aid maintainability.
  • Embrace cloud and mobile technologies.
  • Ensure continuity by promoting knowledge transfer within our team.

Microsoft Partner

Cambridge Software Engineering is a Microsoft Partner. This ensures that we are able to use the best tools and services available to meet customer requirements.
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Member of the Cambridge Network

Cambridge Network is a membership organisation based in the vibrant high technology cluster of Cambridge, UK. They bring people together - from business and academia - to meet each other and share ideas, encouraging collaboration and partnership for shared success.
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Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce

The Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce independently represents the interests of businesses across the region.
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FSQS Registered

We are FSQS (Financial Services Qualification System) registered. The Financial Services Qualification System is designed to standardise and manage requests for compliance and assurance data for major financial services organisations that have adopted FSQS. As the regulated environment becomes more complex, FSQS provides a standard and simple mechanism for collecting and managing supplier compliance assurance information across the sector.
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